Fall: Feelings, Fitness, Fragrance, & More!

I’m not going to lie… I am obsessed with all things remotely related to the autumn season. It’s my favorite time of year, no holds barred. The weather (if NC cooperates), fire in hearth, the flavors and scents- I adore it all. And, now that Starbucks has “officially” been serving pumpkin spice lattes, I feel I can dish about my fetish with fall.

cardigans and coffee

To me, this time of the year, when most things start dying, signifies a new beginning. Kids go back to school, football season begins, and everything seems to right itself again. It feels like nothing can happen which a good cornbread muffin and a cup of tea can’t fix.

This year, I’ve faced many an adversity. Emotional, physical, mental… you name it. My diagnosis of bipolar, although it came as no surprise, has led me down the dark paths of depression more than ever before and I have struggled to keep my head above water. I will eventually be writing a blog post on how being bipolar and motherhood can work together, regardless of the difficulties. But, that’s for another day…

All that being said, I am desperately grasping at anything I can to remain focused and organized, even though (at times) it leads me to come off edgy or headstrong. Somewhere in the great disconnect that goes on in my brain, I find that perfectionism wins battles I was never going to be able to fight against. Therefore, I have been frantically cleaning, laundering, planning, throwing out, and trying to control pretty much everything. This has, in some ways contributed to my never wavering anxiety yet, in other ways, it’s abated many of the guilt I feel when I’m inactive; when this lousy mental illness overtakes me.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you a few of my personal must-haves for this season. They may seem simple, silly, or surprising nevertheless, I hope some of you can relate. 🙂

  1. I’ve always got to have candles in my home (along with fresh flowers)! I actually wrote an article on my previews blog about a really rad candle making company called Candelles, which I’ve linked HERE. Give it a read and make sure you check them out!

Right now I’m loving the Mark Twain scent from Barnes and Noble. Each time I burn it, my entire house smells like a quaint, cozy library/study and immediately relaxes me. I also like the Brown Sugar Allspice 3-wick from Bath & Body Works. Their candles never, ever disappoint and this one gives off the most delicious odor of apple pie crust… It is to die for!

2. Having a good workout routine is very important to me. I lost 50 pounds by the time my daughter was eight months old and I was SO proud of myself. Being in the best shape I can be so that I can keep up with my kids is high on my priority list. However, over the summer, I got a little careless and put a little bit on “vacation pudge” back on.

I’m determined that I will get those pounds off + a few more. I don’t belong to a gym and I don’t pay for a personal trainer. Everything I do to improve my health is free, or as close to it as I can get. It doesn’t take a lot to get fit and stay that way. Determination and willpower are key! I use Youtube channels/videos like FitnessBlender, look for cheap classes close to me with the app Mind Body Connect, and get motivated with healthy recipes & quotes on Pinterest.

3. So, I’m a bit of a fashion bug and makeup junkie. I’ve mentioned that before and, obviously, if you visited my previous website you noted wish lists, tips/tricks, and advice on those subjects. I won’t delve too deeply into that now but, one of my favorite things about the seasons changing is that fashion and makeup do too. Most of the time lip colors are the first trend to start bursting with new hues and a go-to lip combo is a must for me.

As dramatic and glamorous and I love makeup to be, this year I’m favoring more natural looks; not a whole lot of “extra”. Lots of emphasis on lashes, glowy skin, more natural contouring, and most of all, a plump and polished pout. At this moment, I am using the Rimmel Exaggerate liner in “Epic” or “Addiction” with a mid-tone gloss such as MAC “Please Me” over top.

I’m going to stop there because I surely could add to the list and never think twice about the time it takes you to read through this. I have a pot of chili on 😉 and the wind is picking up outside. I have high hopes for a decent storm tonight!

Please share with me the things you love most about fall. A memory, a favorite accessory, or even recipe!

Love Always,


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